Virtual Office Assistance in robertson

If you feel you can do more for your business than by being tied up doing the admin work, I am your answer. I am a virtual assistant and can assist wherever you are in South Africa or elsewhere: * Data/Information Processing * Typing and Transcribing * Diary Management * Spreadsheets * Email Management * Newsletters * Brochures and Leaflets * Business Cards * PowerPoint Presentations * Debtors/Creditors * Bookkeeping (pre trial balance) * Traveling Arrangements * Email Marketing * Support to Persons with disabilities * Appointments * Event Planning * Internet Research * Website Service * Mass Mailings * Database Management * Invoice Payments * After Sales Service * Meeting Assistance * AND LOTS MORE

  • Typing and Transcription

    Typing and transcription services of project, theses, reports, meetings, etc.
    • Typing and Transcription
    • Typing and Transcription
  • Data Processing

    Processing of given data in logical tables or database format to extract reports, graphs and other results
  • Diary Management

    Diary management can be the make or break of your image never mind your business. Sometimes you are just too busy to keep up with what you are doing; let me keep and manage your diary!
  • Spreadsheets

    Typing of financial reports with spreadsheets, analyzing data using various formulas.
  • Email Management

    Do you not have time to go through all your email on a day to day basis. Then you need somebody to do the filtering and focus your attention to the important stuff.
  • Newsletters

    Designing of your newsletter as well as sending it out on a weekly or monthly basis or as needed to a client/member list supplied by you.
  • Brochures and Leaflets

    Design of electronic brochures and leaflets for printing purposes from your office. Mass Printing can be arranged.
  • Business Cards

    Design of Business Cards for printing by yourself. Mass Printing can be organized
  • PowerPoint Presentations

    About the pitch the presentation of your life. Give us the content, tell us the story and we will give you the presentation
  • Debtors / Creditors

    Hard time keeping up with who to pay and who have not paid. VOA can assist to keep up with those figures and even send out letters to those who has not paid.
  • Traveling Arrangements

    Need to travel? Why deal with all the gory details? I will do your bookings for your.
  • Email marketing

    Marketing is essential and with your database of members and my technology we can market your product/service professionally.
  • Disability Support

    With years experience in the field of disability (specifically visually impairment) I am able to assist to give more quality on administrative level to people who have a limiting impairment.
  • Appointments

    Need to make appointments but are too busy. I have the time; let me do the appointments.
  • Event Planning

    Need an event planned. We have people who can assist in planning the event that you have in mind.
  • Internet Research

    If you need information on a topic and do not have time to go through all the millions of pages to get what you want or at least filter to what seems to be what you want. Leave it to me.
  • Web Design and Maintenance

    I can design your web and/or maintain a current one to make sure that your website stay up to date with current news
  • Mass Mailings

    Need mail (email or snail mail) to go to a list of readers. No problem, we do both, and to those that do not have email or snail mail but only fax; we can cover that as well.
  • Database Design and Management

    Today we receive so much information and often it is just left somewhere to be dumped in a couple of weeks. Keep it in your database, keep info on your clients, competitors or whatever it is that you need in a database.
  • Invoice Payments

    Invoice Payments can be arranged where I have access to funds to pay invoices on a regular date and time or as you instruct. This will only be put in place after you have been in contact with current clients for reference purposes.
  • After Sales Service

    Need somebody to do the follow up call? Give me the details.
  • Meeting Assistance

    Sometimes people need somebody to assist them during meetings, not specifically but sometimes when there is a form of disability. With knowledge in the field, I am able to assist if traveling is possible.
  • Administrative Support

    This is a wide range of admin services offered by us; which include but are not limited to: Typing, diary and email management, appointments etc.


Virtual Office Assistance

typing and transcription data processing diary management spreadsheets email management newsletters brochures and leaflets business cards powerpoint presentations debtors / creditors traveling arrangements email marketing disability support appointments event planning internet research web design and maintenance mass mailings database design and management invoice payments after sales service meeting assistance administrative support