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    Dear Sir or MadamI would like to make use of this opportunity to introduce my business to you and highlight the services that we can offer you. The idea behind the service is to save you time and effort in respect of the day to day running of your administration duties, to have the correct financial information readily and timeously available, to base your strategic decisions on.Our target market is the small to medium size enterprises that typically needs a financial team that they can rely on, but realize that it is not cost effective at this point in time to employ such a candidate on a full time basis.This is where we fill the gap. Not only do we offer this service, but we are also able to give sound tax and business advice. At year end will we draft your financial statements, complete your tax returns and this is where the real saving in the one stop shop lies.In the next TWO pages I give a brief DESCRIPTION of the services we render.1.Accounting Services2.Tax Services1.Accounting ServicesThe needs of Companies vary, but we offer from a full bookkeeper accounting function to signoff, or only monthly Management reports and strategic planning as required.In short the various services offered:•Implementation of effective Financial Systems and procedures tailor-made for your Company.•Manage and/or prepare monthly Financial trial balances•Supervises the maintenance of a Company’s general ledger and prepares departmental and consolidated operating and financial statements, if required.•Asset planning, forecasting and reporting on a monthly basis•Monthly Financial Reporting to partners and/or directors•Cash Flow Management reports and proposals•Effective Salary administration•Salary structuring•Effective Financial Documentation and filing•Training of personnel •Business Analysis and Logistics•Cost and Risk Analysis for the business and owners•Due Diligence on Business•Company Profiles•Business and Marketing Plans•Staff Incentive Planning•Equity Plans•Assistance on dividend planning based on group requirements•Review all cross border transactions to ensure compliance in respect of Transfer Pricing•Review and assist in agreements related to major projects and transactions in respect of leases or hire purchases of fixed assets.•Review financial statements to ensure that the disclosure requirements of IFRS are complied with2.Tax ServicesCompleting of individual and company tax returns.Reviewing of company tax returns involving an analysis of Financial Statements of companies, determine possible risk areas, plan and perform Special Tax Reviews on the premises of the companyDealing with Double Tax agreements with other countries.Ensure a high level of Tax compliance relating to Income Tax, VAT, CGT, STC, PAYE (including UIF and SDL) Stamp duty where applicable and Customs and Excise;Review of payroll function to ensure compliance for PAYE purposes, review policies and procedures to ensure that the conditions of employment and remuneration structure do not expose the group or company;Provide tax advice of various issues;Identify tax planning opportunities and implement measure to take advantage of such tax planningReview and make recommendations on all taxes to Management at all levels/units relating to the planning, interpretation and application of such Tax LawsNegotiate with relevant Government bodies with regard to the application of both tax legislation and concessions offered by the Department of Trade and Industries when of relevance to the group and prepare applications for incentives on behalf of the Group/CompanyTake responsibility for the preparation, monitoring and reviewing of all direct and indirect taxesPrepare, monitor and review all tax returns and ensure due/provisional payments are made timorously


Executive Financial and Tax Consultants cc

accounting, financial and tax services