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Easy Solar in Richards Bay

Based in Richards Bay and Johannesburg, EasySolar is focused on renewable energy technologies with main focus on supplying and installation of superiors quality of: solar water heaters, air to waterheat pumps, solar power system, solar pool pumps. We supply grid tie and off grid inverters, hybrid inverters suitable for any OFF and grid tie application, pump and motor inverters from 0,5 to600kW, solar deep cycle batteries, high efficiency LED lights for commercial and domestic applications. All EasySolar proposed equipments are the newest energy saving technology. Our innovativesystem designs are virtually maintenance free. As with current electricity cost all our will bring you fast and save money guarantee return on investment. By implementation renewable energytechnology into your everyday life you will save a money and footprint carbon emission. This is a mission we looking for.
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    Wholesale, retail, installation of innovative Solar Water Heating systems for residential andcommercial HOT water supply. Integrated passive pressurized systems. Split , pressurized passive and active (pumped) systems. Solar collectors with 40mm hail resistant evacuated tubes, s/steel geysers, intelligent system controllers. Save up to 85% on your total electricity bills. Hot water all year round without electricity in use. 25 years life expectancy, 6years guarantee. Pay back period 3-4 years.Best price in South Africa start from R4000-00 per unit- guaranteed!


Easy Solar
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