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RISING*PHENIX IT SOLUTIONS has been established as an IT Solutions Provider and we are an Innovative company specializing in Information Technology, focussed on being innovative and committed to delivering Quality Solutions, Support & Consultation to small - medium sized business and individuals in the Gauteng Province.




RISING*PHENIX IT SOLUTIONS is committed to serving its clients, and see them as partners in a long term relationship; offering top & innovative Technology, in attaining the best solution for their IT needs, ensuring that IT works for their business, and to continually look at new ways to improve our clients businesses through current, new and innovative technologies.

Utilizing our passion for Information Technology to create & introduce innovative solutions which empower our Clients to realize and unleash their full potential and to provide efficient and cost effective Information Technology solutions to our Clients


Our support services are generally offered on a time-and-materials basis. We also enter into contractual arrangements with clients when it is favourable to do so.


We offer the following Solutions & Support


·         Innovative IT Solutions

·         Onsite Technical Support

·         Remote Support

·         Installations, Configurations and Migrations

(Networks, Exchange, Active Directory, PC Faults – Hardware & Software, etc)

·         Virtualization

(If you have a couple of servers that you rely on, you can change it to one server that is much more efficient, and then create virtual servers that will save you space, electricity and will be more reliable)


We believe in Quality solutions & support and thus we provide only good quality hardware & peripherals from the best suppliers in the country.



RisingPhenix IT Solutions