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Professional Claim Service Solutions are specialists in providing motor vehicle engineering consultancy services, motor assessors and support services. Our Company offers quality, fast, efficient andreliable services to Insurance Companies, Underwriters, Brokers, Car Hire Firms, Law Firms, Accident Management Companies, Local Councils, Fleet Managers. We provide bespoke services for our clientsincluding accident damage inspection reports, post repair inspections, repair audits, repair authorities, stolen recovered vehicle claims, vehicle flood damage claims, vehicle inspections forinsurance purposes, work in progress reports. Professional Claim Service Solutions operate under 5 principles of excellence: accuracy, attention to detail, consistency, knowledge and integrity,together these principles allow us to reduce waste, keep costs to a minimum and avoid conflict with all parties concerned. Our services are highly professional, unbiased, detailed, technicalaccurate, fast and cost-effective. Along with our accurate and detailed comprehensive inspection reports we provide high quality digital images which can be used in a court of law. In order for us toprovide these professional services we make use of the latest technology and a state of the art management system and estimation system, our online system allows our clients to access information 24hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe that reporting systems are key to ensuring service levels are kept high, therefore we offer an extensive range of management reports available in variousformats. We provide an extensive reporting system which is customizable to our clients needs, be it repair costs, turnaround times, or any other important statistical information that our clients mayrequire, all this is available to extract from our system. Professional Claim Service Solutions' engineer assessors, investigators and staff members are fully conversant with leading softwarepackages giving them the flexibility to work with whatever system our customer may be using. A dedicated IT department is on hand to maintain and develop our systems ensuring we stay at thefore-front in the latest technology. We continually monitor our own performance and perform regular audits on the work of our engineer assessors, investigators and staff members to ensure we performto the highest of standards. In order for Professional Claim Service Solutions staff to maintain their professional standards we require that they commit to and carry out continuous professionaldevelopment (CPD), records of which are kept by the company. If you feel that we could be of assistance to your company, please do not hesitate to contact us
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    We provide bespoke services for our clients including accident damage inspection reports, road traffic accident liability investigations, vehicle theft investigations, post repair inspections, repairaudits, valuation disputes, statements and interviews, fair wear and tear reports, repair authorities, accident scene GPS digital video, accident scene panoramic photographs, pre purchase and postpurchase inspections, stolen recovered vehicle claims, vehicle flood damage claims, vehicle inspections for insurance purposes, work in progress reports, and vehicle valuations.
    • Motor Vehicle Assessors


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