MIH Designs in Randburg

We are able to design new concepts and transfer old concepts into a 3D design environment. MIH Designs uses Solidworks 3D modeling software.Among the benefits are shortened design cycles, streamlined manufacturing process, faster time-to-market due to improved flow of product design information, reduced design costs, faster design changes and a higher quality products.To compete in today’s manufacturing environment, 3D solid modeling provide a faster and more efficient means to create product designs.MIH also provides the ability to manufacture prototypes and source machined components, MIH understands the manufacturing constraints of products and materials.We are able to create Bill Of Materials (BOM) for costings.The 3D model drawings are infinitely easier to interpret than a series of 2D static drawings that represent the same design.We also offer fully rendered models and animation so that the product can be brought to life, even before the product exists in physical form, to assist with sales, marketing and customer service efforts.

    What MIH Designs has to offer• New concepts designed in 3D modeling.• Transfer of existing concepts into 3D modeling.• 3D assemblies of parts.• Bill Of Materials (BOM).• Photo realistic rendering of parts, assemblies.• Animation of assemblies.• Liaison with supplies on design and manufacturing.• Quality control support.• Exploded parts diagrams.• 2.5D toolpathsIndustries• Component design and manufacture.• Furniture design and manufacture• Sheet metal parts design.• Plastic part design.• Casting part design.


MIH Designs