Kitchen Renovations Randburg in Randburg

Kitchen Renovations Randburg is part of the 1 Call Accredited Services and Providers family - where contractor screening and project monitoring offers clients total peace of mind. Once KitchenRenovations Randburg have established your requirements, suburb and basic contact details, Kitchen Renovations Randburg will call the accredited contractors in your area who are registered for theservices you require. Once you have selected a 1 Call accredited service provider, we follow up periodically (dependent on project size) to ensure you are receiving great service. This is youropportunity to discuss any gripes or points of dissatisfaction that can be quickly remedied, before escalating into a larger problem. Although you may well receive immediate response, we do offer thecontractors a 3 hour window to make contact with you to arrange quotation appointments. This time frame caters for the service providers who are hands on at other sites, up ladders etc.


Kitchen Renovations Randburg
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