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GardenPride in Randburg

GardenPride - "The Compost Lady" - have been supplying Compost, Lawn Dressing, Kraal Manure and Topsoil for the last 15 years. We pride ourselves in the supply of high quality products free of weedsand as close to "organic" as one can get to. Our customers have been using our products all these years and we are constantly expanding. In the last two years we have been privileged to add to ourproduct portfolio the following: "Worm Fertilizer" - a natural fertilizer! Our Compost is most popular because of its high quality and also being weed free. We deliver to typical residential marketsranging from 1m3 to 3m3 per load, and multiples thereof. Our supplier's vermicast process uses tons of earthworms in an all organic system to produce premium soil fertility products. So, if you arelooking for a natural fertiliser, you have found the right source - we call it "Worm Fertilizer"!
High Quality Organic Compost and Lawn Dressing
  • Compost

    Our compost consists of organic decomposed manures, finely sifted and left to stand. Wood chips are added to aerate the compost. The advantages of applying organic compost to your garden includes: 1 Provides the heart of the soil by glueing the soil particles into stable porous structures2 Improving all mineral soils3 Water Retention in the soil4 Providing and holding nutrients in an available form for your plants5 supporting soil life: bacteria, fungi and wormsLook after your soil and your soil will support healthy plants and be more productive. It also provides vital humus and nutrients to encourage plant growth.
  • Lawn Dressing

    GardenPride provides your lawn with a Lawn Dressing specially formulated for the Gauteng soil and grass requirements.GardenPride Lawn Dressing consists of GardenPride Topsoil and GardenPride organic medium Compost specially mixed to an ideal ratio and finely sifted. GardenPride Lawn Dressing is to be used on Kikuyu grass lawns. Other fine lawns must apply GardenPride organic medium Compost directly, or better still a mix of GardenPride organic medium Compost and GardenPride Kraal Manure.GardenPride Lawn Dressing increases the microbes in the soil so that the lawns roots can take up the available organic nutrients in the soil. These microbes also help suppress diseases in the soil. By adding the organic content also helps the soil to retain water. Secondly lawn dressing levels out any uneven areas on your lawn.How do I apply GardenPride Lawn Dressing to the lawn?The key to applying the top dressing is to make sure that you get an even spread of the GardenPride Lawn Dressing over the area and to make sure that the GardenPride Lawn Dressing does not remain on top of the grass. The GardenPride Lawn Dressing should penetrate down to soil level. Before you begin you may find that on heavy or compacted soils aerating the lawn a few days before will help your GardenPride Lawn Dressing application. When your lawn is ready, apply GardenPride Lawn Dressing to the lawn by using a spade to deposit the mixture onto the lawn surface. You then spread the top dressing over the required area using a flat surface such as the back side of a rake. Make sure that the action leaves no bumps on the surface and fills all the hollows in. Do not leave top dressing lying on the surface of the lawn. If there is excess top dressing left on the grass surface after spreading then remove it.When should I apply GardenPride Lawn Dressing to the lawn?You should apply GardenPride Lawn Dressing to the lawn in autumn. Lawns which are based on poor soil will benefit from top dressing the soil each year. Lawns based on good quality soil should not need top dressing every year although if you want a really top class lawn then you may wish to do so
  • Kraal Manure

    GardenPride supplies a really good Kraal Manure. Initially when GardenPride started out 15 years ago we only supplied Kraal Manure, or more simpler Cow Manure.Today, GardenPride still delivers high quality Kraal (Cow) Manure and the rich, cow digested and enzyme processed product, is ideal for gardens that need a strong boost, as well as enriching bad soils,Sprinkle Kraal Manure over grass and mix in with soil for garden flower beds - you can only give your garden the best! Be careful though, too much Kraal Manure can burn your grass and also direct application on flower beds without mixing a little can do more damage than good.Please give us a call if you need any advice - we will gladly help.


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