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Introducing the most dynamic property product ever!!! In today's fast pace there is an ever-increasing demand to get things done quickly, effectively and professionally. In short... DYNAMICALLY. Buying or selling property has always been a slow tedious process, until now...With 59minutes you get Dynamic market exposure No show-houses... no security risk Reduced 5.9% commission No seller's commission What is 59 minutes? 59minutes is a revolutionary new concept in buying and selling property - it is a combination of traditional selling methods as used by estate agents combined with auction methods. It is the best of both worlds. the market is ready for change and 59minutes will change the market as we know it.The 59minutes auction is essentially still an auction but much more user friendly for both buyers and sellers. We set a specific time and date. The clock starts the 59minute countdown. In this time, buyers have the opportunity to view the property and can pop their offers into the hotbox. The hotbox is opened after the 59minutes and the offers presented to the seller. If the mandate price is achieved, the sale is concluded. If not, we enter into a 59minute full auction shootout. What are the advantages?The 59minutes process alleviate show houses. In these times show-houses have become a security risk and often led to to robberies or blatant theft. Some buyers are intimidated by the bidding process and therefore offer the hotbox option. We have reduced commission by 4.1%. This makes our conditions much easier. Our deposit is only 5.9% as opposed to the market average of 20%. Again making it a lot easier. our guarantee period is 29 days. the market average is 21 days we offer the seller a money-back guarantee on the media package should our buyer default. With all these benefits, we are able to attract more potential buyers therefore making it easier for consumers.Try it out. You've got nothing to lose. You can also check out our website at www.59minutes.co.za RegardsMariska Basson0820771318
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    Sell your property in 59 minutes!! We can help you by auctioning your property in a new, fun, fast and dynamic way.
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    Tired of waiting to sell your property through estate agents?We can sell your property within 2 weeks with our new dynamic, quick, simple and convenient product
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    We have reduced commission to 5.9% and increased the guarantee period to 29 days. Most of all we have changed the process... introducing THE SILENT AUCTION


Dynamic Auctioneers

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