J-Empowered in Pringle Bay - Western Cape

I am a LiFe Counselor, masseur, psychic intuitive, motivational speaker and writer and the designer of - and a practitioner of the J-ripple massage technique. Since 2000, I have been successfully practicing the art of life-force channeling, which accesses universal consciousness; providing the necessary platform to bring people to a point of self-empowerment and self-realization. I also use and teach mind meditation, touch therapy, polarity balancing and individual/group spiritual mentorship to achieve this goal of self-mastery within each person – adult and / or child. I also give public talks on achieving self-empowered states of being in life.

  • Soul Readings done by Jacques, Psychic Intuitive & Channeler (also done over long distance via e-mail):

    A clairsentient life-reading consists of two separate life-force readings - strictly about you. These readings will inform you about whom you truly are, what you are doing here and answers to the situation(s) of uppermost importance to you at the time and the meaning of your life in the grand scheme of things.What will be happening, is that your surrounding energy will be read and ethereal communication will take place between your guide(s) and myself (channelling).Answers to specific questions are also given, if asked, & past lives channelled - also soul crossings done.R250 for 1 hour or R300 for 1 hour 30 min.- Please note that these readings can either be done one-on-one or over e-mail.
  • Usui Reiki (Energy Healing):

    Reiki is known as one of the most gentle (and, yet, powerful) energy healing & -balancing systems out there.This is a full body energetic treatment, used to calm and alleviate physical ailments and emotional turmoil.Also GREAT to create calm in children when used over a period of time.1 hour 15 min at R250.
  • Motivational speaking (groups):

    I give talks to groups on self-empowerment; highlighting the objective of thinking outside the box. From corporate to intimate relationships. R350 per hour (excluding mileage).
  • LiFe-Counseling

    Life-Coaching/LiFe-Counseling/Talks/ Motivational Speaking (topics can relate to both Corporate and Social groups): Your life does not change unless you actively change it. W.O.W. living withunintentional spirituality. This is done through the personal achievement of: psychological power self-empowerment & the realization of individual authority. Topics covered: Intimate love &-relationships. Personal issues. Uncluttering your personal life. Self-Empowerment (think outside the box) - to live a more fulfilling life in work & in your social life. Self-Mastery. Achievinginner peace and living a meditative life. Living a responsible life & right-living. Gaining command of the conscious & also conscious power. Victim or Victor mentality. Living from theperspective of the soul. Truth. Wisdom. The intention of spiritual Life Coaching is to empower people as their own highest authority. R350 per hour for group sessions and R250 per hour forindividuals. (Price adapted for one-on one life-counseling/coaching, as is suitable per person). SPECIAL! R1800 for 8 Life-Counseling sessions / R2400 for 12 sessions. My service lies simply inshowing people where and how to unfold their own greatest potentials as humans.



soul readings done by jacques, psychic intuitive & channeler (also done over long distance via e-mail): usui reiki (energy healing): motivational speaking (groups): life-counseling