AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION:Commercial Law:Our commercial department is involved and specializes in commercial litigation, contracts, companies and close corporations, trusts and the drafting of specialized contracts serving companies, corporations, individuals and property developers. Labour Law:We deal with a vast range of professional services in respect of Labour Law matters which includes: advice on retrenchments, conducting disciplinary enquiries, investigations on behalf of employers relating to charges of sexual harassment and fraud and including constructive dismissal and matter where unfairness has been found.Family Law:We specialize in Family Matrimonial Law including divorce matters, Criminal Law, personal injury claims as well as motor collision claims in respect of damages.Conveyancing:Our property law division specializes in conveyancing, registration of bonds, preparation of agreements of sale, sectional titles and agreements pertaining thereto and all aspects pertaining to Property Law in general. Magistrates Court and High Court Litigation:Over a number of years we have instituted actions on behalf of several companies, bank institutions and individuals in matters pertaining to collections, contracts and claims for damages. In addition we have brought numerous applications to the High Court for the liquidation of Companies, sequestrations of estates of individuals, rehabilitations of individuals estates and all related matters including collections on behalf of banks.COST EFFECTIVENESS:We want to solve all matters in a cost affective manner, with optimal results in the shortest possible time. Therefore, we implement the following wherever possible:·Resources assigned to projects represent all areas or expertise required to execute the project ·The expertise of our professionals are focused and all levels of skill are represented, allowing the allocation of resources according to the level of the skill required·The availability of resources, allows the optimum utilization of resources·VRI utilizes advances computer and communications technology. All our professionals are supported by qualified and trained secretarial and administrative personnel·VRI utilizes a large legal library which enable the professional team to do research in a time and cost effective manner·VRI has long standing and well established relationships with government support services which ensures minimum delays and maximum time efficiency, essential in the execution of projects
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    Commercial litigation, contracts,labour law, divorces, registration of bonds, property transfers, collections, 3rd pary claims, magistrate and high court litigation, trusts, last will & testament, liquidations, sequestrations, rehabilitations