VIRA Consulting in Pretoria

VIRA Consulting was created to serve the need for Social Media Training. Everyone has heard that they should have a Social Media Strategy, but there are very few opportunities to learn the skills and techniques necessary to be successful. VIRA Consulting aims to fill this gap by offering simple easy to follow techniques with a focus on training for results.

Social media is a very powerful tool to create an effective personal brand, effectively market your product or service to specific markets, discreetly head-hunt key executives for your organisation, find amazing employment opportunities and easily increase revenues regardless of the industry you find yourself in. (Recruitment, Professional Services, Real Estate and Training are a few of the industries finding massive value in an effective social media strategy)

The Social Media Training Courses on offer include: - Personal Branding for Executives and Professionals (Individual or in workshop format) - Linkedin or Left Behind? Harnessing the Power of Social media for Entrepreneurs and business owners. (Individual or in workshop format) - Lightning Search: Better Head-hunting through Social Media (Workshop format) - Social Media Job Hunting Strategies. (Individual and workshop format) - Super Sales: Efficient Social Media Strategies to Increase Sales and Fees. (Workshop format)

Additionally VIRA Consulting also offers Marketing Consulting to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the form of a complete marketing strategy assessment for existing businesses, or a strategic marketing plan for start-ups.

Both these options are project based over a period of 90 days (Minimum) where all aspects of the business will be evaluated form a marketing point of view and recommendations are made.

Stan Louw is also available as a guest speaker. Please contact to book him for your event, or for more information.


VIRA Consulting