T.O.Y.L Led Lights in Pretoria

We are an LED Light, LED Bulbs and LED Strips Supplier. We believe in Quality products and supply then at the best price on the market

  • Led Light Supleir

    T.O.Y.L Specialises in LED Lights. We pride our selves in the wide range of products that we have available from Domestic 3w LED Down Lights to Industrial LED Mining Lights. With our wide range of LED Flood Lights we can Laminate from a Sports Stadium to the average Domestic home. We do full assessments for our clients in regards with Green Power technologies and we will advise you on the best roots to take when it comes to you lighting and Energy saving.

    Here are just some of our Products available:

    LED Flood Lights 10w

    LED Flood Lights 20w

    LED Flood Lights 30w

    LED Flood Lights 50w

    LED Flood Lights 100w

    LED Flood Down Lights ranging from 3-10w SMD and the conventional, from Dimmable to non Dimmable

    LED Bulbs from 3w-10w and they are available in different colours.

    LED Tube Lights 600mm-1.8m they come in 9w 12w and 18w

    With over 300 different types of LED Products we offer our clients the widest range of LED Strips, Bulbs and Lights on the market. We believe in supplying a Superior Quality product at a great Price. We also over a 5 year standard warrantee on all our LED Products.

    Contact us now for a full assessment or just to compare prices!

    • Led Light Supleir
  • Heat Pumps

    We also do Heat Pump and Solar Geyser installations. We have a proven track record of 8 years and our Solar Solutions company also supply the necessary warrantees on our products. We can come do a full electrical evaluation and give you the widest range of possibilities to save on electricity. Where the client will always have the choice to face in the recommendations that we made or simply take a full package from us.


T.O.Y.L Led Lights
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