The Coaching Community in Pretoria

The Coaching Community Academy is a Coach and Mentor training division of The Coaching Community. Our mission is to bring quality coaching and mentoring skills for individuals in organisations and aswell as maintain high level coach/mentor practitioner development programmes. We are committed to bringing globally bench-marked Coaching/Mentoring skills to the Southern African region and ourfaculty members are committed to the advancement of ethical coaching practices in Southern Africa. Our programmes are accredited locally and are in the process of getting accreditationinternationally. We align ourselves with key coaching societies like The International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as the Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology (ABCCCP).Our Approach is Practitioner oriented, which means we are committed to making practical the theory contained as part of our curriculum and our programmes retain a balance of reflective andexperiential practice underpinned by theoretical content. We endeavour to use experts in their respective fields because we believe coaching and mentors are role models to the people they are meantto coach and we therefore prefer to use the people that role model effective coaching and mentoring practices. We do not subscribe to one specific Coaching/Mentoring framework- we acknowledge thateach coach/mentor is unique and the design of our programmes aims to reflect this reality by encouraging each coach to interrogate what this unique value proposition is. Our faculty boasts lineage ofa very high calibre, having been trained by some of the pioneers in contemporary coaching/mentoring practices globally. We have also trained, as part of a global coaching academy, some of the topcoaches in the country.
Quality and Credible Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Coaching Services

    Includes - Executive and Leadership Coaching - SME Coaching - Career and Role Coaching - Coach Supervision Services
    • Coaching Services
  • Organisation and Development Strategy

    We design and facilitate strategy and other OD related workshops
  • Change Management Solution

    We believe change happens because people change. Are your people ready? We can help you!
  • Manager as a Coach workshop

    We will help prepare the business leaders to coach others.
  • Implementing Enteprise Coaching solution

    Answers the question: How do we ensure that an organisation wide coaching initiative works?
  • Talent and Career Management Strategies

    This includes development & performance management practices
  • Practitioner Programme in Coaching and the Psychology of Coaching (PG) (R 37 900.00)

    This 18-month programme is aimed at those who want to practice as professional coaches. It is pegged at SAQA NQF 7 (Postgraduate). This programme gives you basic psychological foundations tounderstanding human behaviour as a coach then proceeds to help you discover skills and fit-for-purpose methodology of coaching that works for you as a coach.
  • Mentor Training Programme (R 2 100.00)

    This 3-Day mentor training programme is aimed at leaders and subject matter experts who want to learn the skills of passing down their skills in an effective manner.
  • Basic Coaching Skills Programme (R 2 100.00)

    This is a skills development workshop that's aimed at helping you to develop your coaching skills, whether you want to use this in managing your people or being effective in whatever role thatinvolves working people(yes, even as a parent!). The workshop is spread over 4 days with an initial 2-day workshop and a day of post-workshop work as well as a final workshop.


The Coaching Community
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