Style Decor (Pty) Ltd in Pretoria

Manufacture of Ornamental Concrete and Ornamental steel products for Garden, Interior and Building purposes. Products include Plant containers, fountains, statues, benches, tables, collumns,caps and bases for columns, balustrades, steel arches and benches, coffee tables, servers, stepping stones, cobble stones, window surrounds, pier caps, pergolas, concrete arches to name but a few. The company also manufactures moulds to sell and are well known for custom made moulds to suite your specific applications. Materials used to manufacture products include:- cement, GRC(Glass reinforced cement), fibreglass and material one. Items can also be coulred using various techniques.

  • Ornamental Concrete

    Ornamental products for garden, interior & building useing concrete as a manufacturing medium
  • Garden Products

    Products used to beautify your surroundings which may or may not have practical applications as well. These products include:- planters, benches, tables, statues, stepping stones, pedestals, birdbaths etc.
  • Building Decor

    Items used to improve the appearance of an existing or new building. Items included here are window surrounds, columns, ballustrades, copings, arches and veneer mouldings
  • Interior products

    Included in this category are items such as coffee tables, pedestals, statues, planters, servers and a variety of ornaments.
  • Decorative Steel

    Steel products for garden, patio & interior use including arches, tables, chairs, pergolas and a variety of ornaments


Style Decor (Pty) Ltd

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