Solartech in Pretoria

At SolarTech™, we serve your energy needs by providing dependable solar energy solutions backed by a fully integrated and secure supply chain, which delivers customized solutions to ensure project performance nationally. We pride ourselves in meeting customers’ needs by using the power of the Sun to increase return on investment, freeze power costs and improve profitability
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    We are a proudly South African Product. SolarTech Manufacturing platform is SWH engineering - South Africa's leading solar water heating systems producer. SolarTech Geysers are manufactured in South Africa according to international solar technology standards to meet the unique climatic conditions in Africa. SWH engineering uses the finest materials in its systems to optimise the performance of its heat collector panels and of the storage tanks. SolarTech Geysers carry a 5-year warrantee and are expected to last more than 20 years. SolarTech Geysers are the most cost efficient solar water heating systems on the market.
    • Solar geysers
    • Solar geysers
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    Energy Audits to determine system requirements. On site strategic conversations in respect to long term amortization and project analysis. Strategic installation analysis to ensure non-interruption of vital production and value chain dependency. Assist in re-aligning corporate objectives in respect to public relations and energy efficiency directives.



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