Sanicosa in Pretoria

SANICOSA is a special projects cleaning Company that specialises in House dust mite extraction from mattresses (creating a hypollergenic environment) in homes, offices and where else necessary A broad spectrum service is offered to our customers in the private, commercial and industrial sectors. From pre occupation cleaning, carpet and window cleaning to kitchen canopy degreasing and post constructin cleaning - we get the job done properly and cleanly.

  • Cleaning

    Carpet CleaningWindow cleaningPre-occupation cleaningPost construction cleaningExtraction system cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

    Specialised hdm extraction - spot removal and carpet shampooing - leaves your carpets smelling clean and fresh.
  • Window cleaning

    At SANICOSA we specialise in special-height cleaning, getting to those out-of-reach areas when you can't.
  • Extraction system cleaning

    Extraction systems are difficult to maintain - we follow the required SANS's guidelines to ensure you remain certified.



cleaning carpet cleaning window cleaning extraction system cleaning