quantumiii in Pretoria

quantumiii - the solutions people - a unique, innovative, transformation based strategy & leadership, risk management & competitive intelligence consulting practice. Do you need to know? We have been assisting satisfied clients for 12 years to successfully address their information and knowledge needs. We do NOT have all the information BUT we know how and where to get it..!

  • Competitive Intelligence

    We help you find, understand, apply, and communicate critical business information, competitor news, and industry trends.As information solutions providers our satisfied clients call us - the solutions people!
  • Applied Strategic Planning

    We view all strategic planning interventions as integral to your overall strategic change management efforts. Our approach contradicts much of the conventional wisdom on change management best practices. Specifically: - It is acceptable, in fact usually preferable, to admit that there are challenges/problems without offering a solution at the same time. - There is no single ideal process for most real-world situations. The objective of a strategy should be to motivate people to move in the right direction, continuously redefining the best that the people can bear.- Motivation and incentives are key pieces of all phases of a strategic planning effort, not something tacked on at the end.



competitive intelligence applied strategic planning