Posch Technologies in Pretoria

Posch Technologies is a professional services corporation, that is 100% black owned and managed in the Business Management and Information & Communication Technology sector (ICT). Our strategic objective is to develop, grow ,and facilitate various organisations to thrieve in what they do by developing them ,removing bottlenecks and root causes within their business processes and in the long term we grow together
  • Business Management and ICT Services

    Formulation, Implementation & Evaluation of Strategies, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines;Enterprise Architecture ( Business - Business and IT Alignment - ... , Technical ) , Business Process Re-Engineering (Quality Assurance ,TQM ...) , Feasibility Study : Business Case (Possible Solutions, Risks ...) , Project Management and Administration (Facilitation and Risk Analysis) , IT Business Analysis (Consistent with Business Case, Forward Thinking ...) , Software Quality Assurance & Testing (Plans, Cases, Procedures ...) , Change Management and Implementation (Awareness,Training, ...) , Post Implementation (Support, Maintenance ...) , IT Consulting or Integration (Advice, Resources ...) ,


Posch Technologies

business management and ict services