Open Circle Solutions in Pretoria

Open Circle Solutions is based in Pretoria, South Africa specializing in digital marketing, social media marketing, and online reputation management. Combining a diverse expertise in business strategy, technology, usability, and design, we produce highly scalable business solutions and online user experiences.

Founded in early 2008, we enable businesses to heighten brand awareness, strengthen their competitive advantage, enhance productivity, and provide them with opportunities to increase their return on investment in the digital landscape. This is all accomplished by implementing and planning solutions to address the three most important business growth aspects namely:

  • reaching your prospects;
  • converting those prospects into customers;
  • retaining those customers;
  • Web Marketing

    Internet marketing is our specialty. We can provide you with online marketing services that will maximize your search engine optimization (SEO), increase targeted traffic, and make your business grow.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Open Circle Solutions offers comprehensive search engine optimization consulting and evaluation that covers all critical aspects of SEO. We will assess your web site in order to determine how it measures up in a number of different areas.
  • Web Development

    At Open Circle Solutions, we understand the value of high-quality web site development and the vital role it can play in the life of an online business. Our team of web site design development specialists can help you create an outstanding web site that's both user-friendly and effective. At Open Circle Solutions, we've got all the bases covered; so make the right move and let us help you with all your web development needs!
  • Mobile Solutions

    Open Circle Solutions mission is to bring to our clients the benefits of cutting-edge technology and creating mobile websites is another significant step in that direction. Enabling your website to be accessible to mobile phones can greatly boost your presence on the mobile web.


Open Circle Solutions

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