Ledon Human Resources CC - Gauteng in Pretoria

Ledon CC specializes in Training, Course Design and Development, HR Consulting, Recruitment, Life Coaching, Business and Executive Coaching. We operate Nationwide. BEE status: 60% black owned. ServicesSETA Accreditation #2409. Established in 2006

  • Training

    Superior Customer Care,Call Centre Workshop,Attend to Customer Enquiries,Situational Leadership Workshop, Powerful Meetings,Dynamic Leadership in the Workplace,Women Empowerment Workshop
  • Recruitment

    Permanent and Contract Staff.- IT, Legal, HR, Office Support, Engineering, Sales and Management
  • Human Resource Consulting

    Job Evaluation, Performance Management, Coaching, Skills Audits, Skills development, Policies and Procedures, Employee Relations
  • Life, Business and Executive Coaching

    - Personal Development- Unleash Full Potential- Stress Management- Time Management- Strategic Planning for Oneself- Goal accomplishment
  • Course material design and development

    Selecting the correct information, managing it to promote enterprise-wide effectiveness, and transferring it to employees at the right time, in the right way, are the keys to effective learning. Effective training course development is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in today's knowledge-worker-based commercial environment.


Ledon Human Resources CC - Gauteng

training recruitment human resource consulting life, business and executive coaching course material design and development