Journeys in Pretoria

  1. Develop Sales Teams through assessments, customised training, sales operating plans
  2. Bid Management on complex proposals and tenders Personal, Business and Team Coaching Soccer
  3. Private Residential Accommodation listing  and international marketing for the 2010 Worldcup in South Africa
  • Sales Team Development

    Sales is the pulse and the energy in the company. Sales is the reality check around what your customers need and experience. We assess, develop and build sales teams to reflect the kind of business you want to be!
  • Soccer World Cup Accommodation

    We assist private homeowner to make rooms available to the soccer worldcup visitors in South Africa in 2010. There is some exciting opportunities from which every homeowner can benefit. We assist the homeowners to list on our site and with the booking, contracting and management of the whole project.



sales team development soccer world cup accommodation