Joomla-Africa in Pretoria

In business you do not have the luxury to wait. Business needs action to grow! There is a company compelled to allow business people manage their online media the way they want! You are in control of every element in your business. Why not your web site? This is it! When you absolutely, most definitely cannot wait! Change your pricing, change you offers or even update your contact details at the click of a button! Take full control over your web site without any programming skills! You will be surprised at the ease of use, the speed at which changes are made. Changes are made right in front of your eyes like magic. Find out the extent of what is really possible without breaking the bank. The wool is about to be pulled from your eyes – get ready to go! The time has come to be in control of every aspect in your business!
  • CMS Web Site

    Self managed web site - you can upload your own iamges, change wording, chane menus and a lot more!
  • E-Commerce

    Get a fully functional e-commerce based web site in 3 days!
  • Real Estate Web Site

    Manage your real estate properties online with your own real estate web site!
  • Advertising

    Get exposure for your business on the Internet at affordable rates!



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