Horn Training Consultants CC in Pretoria

Horn Training Consultans has been specially set up to assist business and individuals to locate high quality education and training resources through an extensive wide range of programs worldwide. We seeks to sustain and enhance its excellence as training consultants through our international network of well experienced training providers to help make a difference in the day-to-day lives of our world's workforce. HTC believe that there is no substitute for quality training and that the key to successful accomplishment of any mission is properly trained people. HTC is committed to accredited education and training quality assurance programs worldwide. Our mission is to put the prospective candidate in touch with high-quality education & training courseware that can ad value to their personal development and career that foster increased job enrichment, enhanced productivity and positive work environments. HTC act as consultant and agent for an extensive wide range of study programs through an elected worldwide network of training providers. Our comprehensive series of training programs save time and money for those whose daily busy life's does not always make it possible to research the marketplace for the most suitable programs and expertise. HTC make use of the best available expertise and research to evaluate the wide selection of training providers and their offerings. For more information visit our website at www.horntraining.com


Horn Training Consultants CC

accredited education & training assurance programs worldwide