FaxFax in Pretoria

Our free fax to email system is so simple: 1. You are given a unique 086 * * * * * * * fax number 2. People can send faxes to that number 3. The faxes are converted to a (pdf or tiff) file 4. And the (pdf or tiff) file is emailed to youAll this happens almost immediately. You can then read it in digital form, save it to your PC, email it again, etc. No need to print out every fax. Email to Fax services are also available.
  • Fax to Email

    No more need for that old fax machine, or expensive dedicated fax lines. Get your own unique fax number, for free, and we will forward your faxes to you in a pdf email attachment.
  • Email to Fax

    For very competitive rates, you can send out faxes from your email. Simply attach your word document (or similar) to and email, and email it to us. We will fax it to the destination number of your choice.



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