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Efficient Plumbing & Electrical 0767567564 Very Low Rates Gyser Installation · Blocked Drains · Burst Pipes · Leaking Taps · Toilets · Showers, GEYSER INSTALLATIONS: We install Kwikot and otherSABS approved geysers of all their size ranges and in accordance to SABS standards. ALL CARRY A 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on the shell and 12 MONTHS ON ELECTRIC COMPONENTS. GEYSER REPAIRS: We repair allbrands of geysers. BURST GEYSER: Our response time saves you time and money avoiding water damage to property from the burst geyser, in no time we will have your geyser up and working providing youagain with hot water. BLOCKED DRAINS You can avoid unnecessary blockages by following these clog prevention tips · . Never, ever pour fats and cooking oils down the drain. These items eventuallysolidify in your pipes. Once fats and oils are cool, wipe it away with a paper towel and throw it in the trash. · Steer clear of putting fibrous, starchy, or stringy food waste down the garbagedisposal. Your garbage disposal is no match for foods like potato peels, asparagus, fruit rinds, and poultry skins and may result in a clog. · Be sure to run the disposal while you're putting foodinto it. Never wait until it's bubbling over with water to turn it on. · At no time should cotton balls, swabs, or hair be flushed down the toilet. They don't dissolve and will cause eventually leadto a clog. · If you know your kitchen sink is acting up, or if you have a tub that takes forever to drain call us now to prevent a catastrophe LEAKING TAPS THAT IRRITATING KITCHEN TAP WON'T STOPDRIPPING? For most people these situations cause panic and leave them with more questions than answers. We have all the answers to your plumbing questions, and we aim to fix your problem quickly andreliably. We have the capability to meet any domestic plumbing query ELECTRICAL Emergency electrical work Tripping power Earth leakage problems Re-wiring of offices, homes, factories as well asrenovations Electrical maintenance Lighting installation We are dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and service at competitive prices. WHY USE US? All our plumbers and electriciansare qualified through the Certification Board. We are available for plumbing and electrical work in private homes, apartment buildings and complexes. We are approved by most insurance companies.Since we have homes and families ourselves, we understand how important it is to feel safe when you trust your home in a stranger's hands. Every one of our certified technicians has been trained totreat your home with the utmost respect, by being professional, on time, efficient and clean. Customer Satisfaction is our primary goal. Service superiority is our ambition. Call 076 756 7564


Effiecient Plumbing & Electrical