Dotslash in Pretoria

Web Development, Content Management Systems, Mobile Sites, Visitor Trend Analysis, Web Design, Emailers, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Graphic Design, Usability Analysis, Infographics, 3rd Party Integration, Legacy Migration, Strategic Development, Specialized Hosting
  • Web Development

    All applications are currently built using the latest .Net tech in C# 4.0. We use WCF, Entity Framework, LINQ and JQuery to build enterprise level applications.
  • Content Management Systems

    We use DotNetNuke as the building block for all our CMS implementations, the new C# code-base allows us to make modifications to the core and allows for easy extension with new modules.
  • Sites for your Mobile

    Due to the explosion of smart phones and their browser's evolving to include HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript the portability is the next big online trend.
  • Visitor Trend Analysis

    Tracking useful statistics involves more than just bounce rates and conversion rates. An in depth trend analysis involves conscious efforts and user knowledge to measure and improve. Our process is well adapted to encourage measurability and pro-active handling of results.
  • Web Design

    With HTML5 now sporting some excellent new tags and CSS3 really giving Flash a go, we can do so much more to make cross-browser & cross-device sites work smoothly.
  • Custom Emailers

    Email clients are very much constraint in terms of HTML support, several corporates don't even support HTML emails. Subscriber lists needs management and signup needs to be a well-integrated process. Not even mentioning the brand consistency in such a disparate environment.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Keyword research, short- and long-tail searches, keyword density, keyword spread, link juice and domain trust are just some of the factors taken into account. There many more that play a role in the process and constant research is vital for success.
  • Pay Per Click

    The balancing act of price vs exposure is fragile and requires rather precise calculations. The content-score is an often overlooked factor, not even to mention the landing pages' ability to propagate the adverts' momentum.
  • Graphic Design

    Few companies have the unique blend of creative and technical ingenuity required to visually communicate on the web. Our command over Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Flash, typography, file compression formats, compatibility workarounds & attention-grabbing experience and development makes us great.
  • Infographics

    The architecture of an operating system is almost never described in words; the components and interconnections are simply too complex that's why pictures and diagrams are essential.
  • Usability Analysis

    The usability analysis conducted on our systems are a top-down approach that is iteratively revisited. Information re-architecture, page focus, process flow, usability design patterns and even user testing all form part of our extensive process.
  • Third Party Integration

    We've integrated solutions with 3rd party products via SOAP bases web services, through VPNs directly to FireBird, MySql, MSSql DBs, and even with Switches and IVRs.
  • Legacy Migration

    Whether you need to migrate an ASP application to ASP.Net, C++ to C# or need a new web 2.0 interface for your legacy system, we can help.
  • Strategic Development

    We specialize in addressing the wide range of business problems businesses face with web technologies.
  • Specialized Hosting

    Shared hosting is popular for small footprint websites, but won't do for large scale online environments handling private data of clients. Dot Slash handles the integral elements to making your solution reachable, big or small.



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