Bunducom in Pretoria

Distributing Iridium Satellite telephones throughout Africa.Call your loved ones. Be called from your office. Africa is covered 100%.Anyplace Any Time Every Time.Do internet browsing. Do your internet banking. Receive and send e-mails 24/7 all over the world. Any TimeSmall and mobile. Carry it on your belt or in your vehicle. Be connected. All the time.
  • Satellite Cell Phones

    Call and receive calls any where and any time all over the world. Africa is covered 100%.
    • Satellite Cell Phones
    • Satellite Cell Phones
  • Satellite Data Modem

    Connect the telephone to a computer and you have internet connectivety 24/7 all over the world. Browse the internet. Receive and send e-mails. Do your internet Banking.Anywhere Any Time All the Time



satellite cell phones satellite data modem