Aquadam in Pretoria

Aquadam is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial water storage tanks, water dams and storage reservoirs in South Africa. With branches in Pretoria, Gauteng and Cape Town in the Western Cape we can manufacture and install country wide. Our steel water tanks, concrete dams and reservoirs are suitable for a wide range of industries applicable to the agriculture, rural, domestic, commercial, industrial, mining, fire fighting and aquaculture sectors.

  • Industrial Concrete Tanks

    Aquadam manufactures and installs precast concrete panel tanks called the Muleby Tank for the commercial and industrial storage of water, flammable liquids, as well as salt, sand and chipping. Applicable to Sewage Treatment as sedimentation, aeration, digestion tanks, retention basins. For Potable water as elevated reservoirs, clarifiers, filtration tanks.
  • Concrete Dams, Reservoirs

    Aquadam manufactures seamless concrete reservoirs or gunite dams suitable for agriculture, forestry and fire fighting, aeration dams, filtration reservoirs, domestic drinking water, mining and industrial industries, governmental departments.
  • Steel Metal Tanks

    Aquadam manufactures and installs corrugated steel tanks (Rhino Tank) and steel coated panel tanks (Future Tank). Applicable to the agriculture, mining and aquaculture industries, as well as fire fighting, mining water, domestic drinking water, waste water treatment plants and certain chemical storage.
  • Portable Tanks

    Bladder and Pillow Tanks, Glavanised Steel Mesh Tanks and Self-Supporting Onion Tanks are ideal for rapid deployment in emergency situations for the storage of water.



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