Alles Electrical Projects cc in Pretoria

  • Electrical installation,faultfinding, repair,coc testing and isueing,maintenance,technical training advice,trade-test preparation for electricians and millwrights and technical-skills verifiction(competency certification)
  • Technical career info

    Trade-test preparation for electricians, millwrights and motor mechanics, skills verification (competence certification) of electricians, millwrights and motor mechanics through practical assessment.
  • Electrical construction

    Electrical installation work on new and existing buildings and testing and repair for coc.
  • Practical short coarses

    1.Change a motor vehicle's oil2.Change a motor vehicle's plugs.3.Jack up a motor vehicle.4.Change a motor vehicle's wheel.5.Change a motor vehicle's filters,and more.


Alles Electrical Projects cc

technical career info electrical construction practical short coarses