Jaylee Training & Developmental Consultancy in Pretoria, South Africa

Coaching, training, mentorship and capacity building

  • Training and developmental consultancy

    Major Training Programmes

    • Good Corporate Governance
    • Fundamentals of Project Management
    • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
    • Integrated Financial Management
    • HR Policies and Payroll Administration
    • Small Business Tax Administration (SA Perspective)
    • Asset Management
    • Personal Financial Management and Planning
    • Business Financial Planning
    • Basic Computing
    • Budgets and Managing Money
    • Coaching and Mentorship Skills for Business Leaders
    • Inventory Management
    • Maintenance Audits and Strategy Development
    • QMS - Internal Audit for SMMEs
    • Records Management
    • Return On Investment (ROI)
    • Safety in the Work-place
    • Strategic Cost Management for Procurement Professionals
    • Team Building
    • Understand Financial and Accounting Concepts, Statements and Terminology
    • Tender Process
    • Business Process Management
    • Advanced Business Problem Solving
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Performance Measurement and Capacity Building
    • Proposal Writing
    • Leadership and Conflict Management
    • Dealing with HIV/AIDS in the Work-place
    • Basic lay counselling
    • Community health care Worker
    • Basic Fire Fighting
    • First Aid Level 1
    • Health and safety Procedures
    • Customer Care Fundamentals
    • Communication in the Work-place
    • Business Development and Operations
    • Administrative Procedures
    • Travel and Tourism in South Africa
    • End user Computing for Business
    • Pc engineering
    • Basics of network
    • Leadership development
    • Municipal Finance and Administration
    • Capital planning and finance
    • Outline the environment of local government
    • Administer accounting and budgeting for input into municipal financial resource management.


Jaylee Training & Developmental Consultancy
training, coaching, mentorship and capacity building