Kay 2ze Gee Tours in Potchefstroom

Tourism Company specializing in adventure tours, team buildings, corporate team buildings, educational tours and many more. We also do activities such as hiking, quad biking, go-karts, nation wide tours, paint balling and many more

  • Adventure tours

    We do adventure tours around the country for teambuildings and corporates
  • Educational camps

    Educational camps that will help learners to learn while also doing great activities that will help with their leadership skills
  • Leadership Develoment

    Activities that will develop people's leadership abilities
  • Team buildings

    Doing team buildings for individuals, corporate clients, government departments and many more
  • Tours

    nation wide tours
  • Go-karts

  • Hiking

  • Quad bikings

    Exciting quad bikings
  • Packages

    We offer great adventure packages


Kay 2ze Gee Tours

adventure tours educational camps leadership develoment team buildings tours go-karts hiking quad bikings packages