Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in Port Elizabeth

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic Port Elizabeth is a small animal veterinary clinic caring mainly for dogs, cats and birds. Southern Cross Vets in Port Elizabeth offers and provides a high standard of medical and surgical care for your pet. Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic stocks a wide range of veterinary diets and pet products. Our vets invite you to become part of the Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic family.

  • Dog Bathing

    We offer a dog bathing service every morning during weekdays, weather permitting. You can choose a shampoo for your dog or ask one of the vets to recommend a shampoo especially if your dog has a skin problem. The dogs are brushed and after their bath, they air dry in one of our outdoor cages. We do not offer clipping or trimming. Contact us to make a booking.
  • Puppy School

    Please enrol your new puppy in our socialisation classes at our Puppy School. Classes are held in our garden on a Saturday morning by Tracey who is a veterinary nurse. Your puppy will have so much fun and you will be given lots of information and instruction. We find that puppies who have attended the classes will love their future trips to our practice. Contact Tracey (083 3202832) for more information
  • Weight Clinic

    Can you still feel your pet's ribs? Can you still see your pet's waist? Does your pet suffer from tiredness or shortness of breath? Unfortunately, obesity is becoming a huge health problem among our pets as it can lead to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis ...... The Southern Cross team will be happy to advise you on a weight management programme for your pet and help you at your pet's regular weigh ins.
  • Free New Puppy and New Kitten Check Ups

    Please bring your new bundle of joy for a free health check. Our vets will make sure that all is well and check when the next vaccination and deworming is due. You will also be able to purchase all your puppy and kitten accessories. Collect your free Southern Cross Kitten and Puppy Information DVD at reception. We love meeting your new family member.
  • Free Senior Health Clinic

    Ageing is a process of changes to the body. Middle-aged pets start undergoing ageing processes which become obvious when your pet is seen as a senior (7 years old, depending on size and breed). Ageing can be managed by understanding the changes occurring and acting on them before too much damage is done. Senior health checks (at least once a year) can lead to early detection of any age related problem. Contact us to make an appointment at our Senior Clinic. A consultation fee may be levied for problems unrelated to age.
  • Veterinary Diets and Pet Products

    We stock a wide range of excellent veterinary diets and pet products. Our staff have been trained to assist you wherever possible - whether selecting the correct diet or just hearing about your pet's latest bout of mischief.


Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic

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