SanJade Clothing in Port Elizabeth

SanJade is a respected name in the clothing industry and is based in Port Elizabeth.

SanJade supplies Corporate Clothing, Promotional Items & Gifts.

* Golf shirts, T shirts, fishing shirts, jackets, hoodies, lounge shirts, overalls, safety wear and chefwear.

* Kiddies sizes available.

* Head gear such as hats, caps, beanies and bandanas.

* Polar fleece scarves, gloves, head and wristbands.

* We have a wide range of gifts including pens, mugs, bags, USB flashdrives, cooler bags, lanyards and more.

* SanJade offers embroidery, silksrceening and pad printing to promote and individualise your business.

* In addition, we supply a large range of cleaning materials, plastic and glass wear.

* SanJade is a proud supplier of Aquelle' Natural Spring Bottled Water.

* Quality products with personalised service.

The SanJade staff believe that clients deserve respect and good service and they are always available for follow-up support.


SanJade Clothing