Rock And Surf Super Pro League in Port Elizabeth

South Africa’s first competitive Rock and Surf Super Pro League series where anglers can take part in competitions and win big prize money fishing around the South African coastline Each province will run its own pro league run by ten franchise owners. They will be responsible for running 8 to 10 competitions per year in each franchise and the top 24 anglers from each franchise, based purely on the bonus point structure set up will be the team at the end of each year to fish in a national pro league against the other franchises. Anglers can for the first time start to fish for big money. Fishing is the most participant sport in the world yet as anglers we have had the least opportunity to earn big prize money. The bass pro league in America has done it successfully so why not the rock and surf anglers? The third Rock and Surf Super Pro league will be held at Kasouga on the 2 October and is open to any anglers from around the country. Any angler from any province may fish in all the Pro leagues held around the country. Prizes will be for the 8 heaviest different species and will win R5000 per specie based on 220 entrants. The heaviest shark, the heaviest ray then the next six heaviest edible fish species in descending weight order. Tickets will be available at any participating tackle shops around the country or online at . For more information email us on or log on to rock and surf super pro league from your face book site and join the group for regular updates on what’s happening around the country regarding competition dates. Entry fee starts from R50 for juniors under 16 to R220 for seniors over 21 ladies and masters will fish in a separate category. All fishing is based on catch tag and release and all the data recorded will be used for research to help manage our fish stocks in the future.

  • Rock and surf Super pro League

    Rock and surf super pro league fishing competitions held throughout South Africa.Surf angling for big prize money along the entire South African coastline. Also tagging collecting and recording data from the catch and release of all the fish caught during the Pro league competitions.


Rock And Surf Super Pro League

rock and surf super pro league