Cathy Hill Technologies in Polokwane

Want to Operate an Excavator, Grader, Bull Dozer, TLB, Forklift, Drill rig, Reach stacker, Mobile Crane, Over-head crane. etc Want to work in the mines as a Boiler Maker, Blasting Officer, Mine manager, Mine overseer, Dump truck operator, LHD Scoop operator, mineral production, mineral excavation, mineral exploration etc? Look no further! We are here, we've been here and will always be here to provide you with the best training in the market today. We provide you with affordable short term and long term courses in Construction and Mine related trainings either as operators, production engineers, Engineers, Managers, Supervisors or other technical field. So what do you want to train? Visit our website on and find our more today. If you think this is the information you have been looking for and after reading our website you feel you are very prepared to take the training, send us an email and we shall call you back in the Message, just explain the details and include [Please call me back] and we shall call you. For more information send us an email or call us on +2776 3539351


Cathy Hill Technologies
forklift, boiler maker, dump truck, excavator, grader training