Treecycle Bandit Wood Grinders & Hammel Metal Shredders in plattekloof

We sell site clearing equipment, chippers, forestry mulchers, metal grinders, chippers, bandit metal shredders, wood chipper machinery and metal recycling machines and are based in Cape Town.

Our Hammel range of shredders use a low speed, high torque approach to shredding and is therefore well suited for all kinds of materials, making it perfect for wood recycling, rocks recycling,metal recycling, and any other kinds ofwaste recycling.

Need to shred high volumes of organic waste? The Bandit Beast Recycler is a hybrid wood chipper that comes in 4 models with options in Diesel or Electric delivering up to 1200 horse power. This converts to a waste processing rate of up to 200 tons per hour.

If you focus on site-clearing without the need to harvest the chips, the Bandit range of Forestry Mowers will provide the most cost-effective solution. They are highly mobile and eliminate the need for first cutting down trees. The Bandit Forestry Mower provides on-site mulching, processing up to 0.75 hectares per hour.

Call Shaughn Frost to day to find out more about our metal recycling machines on 082 338 8951.

  • Hammel Low-speed Metal Shredders

    What the Red Giant can shred

    • Municipal Waste
    • Green Waste
    • Wood Waste
    • Stumps
    • Tyres
    • Cars
    • Industrial Waste
    • Commercial Waste
    • You name it - We can grind it !
    • Hammel Low-speed Metal Shredders


Treecycle Bandit Wood Grinders & Hammel Metal Shredders
wood chippers, forestry mulchers, metal grinders, bandit chippers, hammel metal shredders