SteriTech in Pinetown

Manufacturers of Residual Infection Protection products, including Cold sterilents,Disinfectants, Anti-microbial Handwashes and Hand gels,Instrument pre-cleaners, Hard surface cleaners, Disinfectingwipes, Lubricant, Bur cleaner and Suction line cleaner.
Residual Infection protection and prevention
  • residual Infection Protection

    Manufacturers of Cold sterilants, Disinfectants, Anti-microbial Handwash and Handgel, Disinfecting Intrument pre-cleaner, Surface cleaner, Wipes,Lubricant, Bur cleaner, Suction line cleaner. We also manufacture purpose made products to meet customers specific needs!Suppliers to Medical, Dental, Veterinary,Beauty,Fod hygiene, Air quality and Sick Building Syndrome industries.


hygiene, disinfectants, sterilants