Springvale Nursery & Gardening in Pietermaritzburg

Springvale Nursery and Gardening is located in Byrne Valley approximately 45 minutes from Pietermaritzburg in the Kwazulu Natal Midlands. We are a wholesale indigenous nursery who specialise in growing and supplying of hardy indigenous trees, shrubs, bulbs, aloes, succulents & wildflowers. We also provide garden and landscaping services. We are passionate about indigenous landscaping, and creating natural looking indigenous gardens to help attract wildlife to your garden. As well as providing you with a comfortable space that suits your needs.Our mission is to encourage the planting of indigenous species, and to promote the removal of alien & invasive species in gardens.
  • Indigenous nusery

    Growers and suppliers of indigenous trees, shrubs, bulbs, aloes & wildlflowers
  • Landscaping

    We specialise in indigenous gardens, creating natural looking gardens
  • Alien plant erradication

    Clearing up land areas and removing all alien and invasive species
  • Irrigation

    We install manual and automated irrigation systems for your garden
  • Instant lawn

    we supply and install instant lawn


Springvale Nursery & Gardening

indigenous nusery landscaping alien plant erradication irrigation instant lawn