ESP Consulting in Pietermaritzburg

ESP provides consulting, training and management services to the public and private sector.
  • Training, Management Consulting and Business Solutions

    Training and Development Accredited Training: Budgeting, Basic Bookkeeping, Supply Chain Management for practitioners, Change Management,Financial Accounting for Municipalities, Supply Chain Management for Municipalities, Project Management, Strategic planning, Leadership, Performance Management, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Balanced scorecard, Finance for non Financial Managers, Consulting Services:Fraud prevention plans, Financial Policy development,Skills Audit, Investigations, Audit Readiness, Internal Control The Business Solutions division focuses primarily on the sales, implementation, support and development of QBIX. QBIX is a management information software solution that enables users to consolidate information. QBIX Procurement Planning, Information Consolidation,Information Analysis, Research: > Financial Reporting Module > Software Development > Project Management > T Systems Integration > Operational Systems
  • AAT Diploma in Accounting

    Accredited AAT Training Provider able to offer facilitation and administrative services.


ESP Consulting

training, management consulting and business solutions aat diploma in accounting