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JHL Creative (Pty) Ltd in Parow

We Spesialize in Promotional Items and Promotional Clothing. We have standard products available,we can source products from our International Factories or we can design and develop products to suityour need.
  • Promotional Items & Clothing

    We specialise in promotional products/ gifts and Promotional Clothing.We have standard products available or we can source products from our International factories, or if you have a very specific enquiry we can design , develop and manufacture products according to your need.
  • Pens

    We have a wide variety of pens available. From entry level pens to quality designer pens. We also specialize in the branding of all writing instruments.
  • Laptop bags

    Leather and 600D laptop bags available.We offer a branding option on these units.
  • Bags

    We offer various types of bags such as Laptop bags, Business Bags, Conference Bags, Shoulder Bags, Sling Bags, Sport Bags, Trolley Bags, Suit Carriers, Backpacks, Drawstring Bags, Duffle Bags, Travel Bags, Beach Bags, and Cotton Shopping bags-ECO friendly. We offer various branding options on these units.
  • Folders

    For any Conference folders, Executive folders A4 or A5 size, business card holders, and CD holders please contact us.
  • Wallets

    Genuine Leather Wallets and Travel Wallets with branding as an option.
  • Desktop Items

    Various Desktop Items such as Wooden desk clocks, pen holders, Desk sets, letter openers, memo holders, Aluminium desk calendars, Picture frame memo boards.We offer a branding service
  • Photo Frames

    We supply Photo frames as promotional items or as gifts.From Metal photo frames, Magnetic photo frames, Wooden photo boxes, desk picture frame, crocodile skin albums.
  • Notepads

    A4 and A5 Notepads available. We have a recycled notebook with matching pen and moleskin look a like notebook.These items can be branded for Corporate use.
  • Computer Accessories

    Wireless Mouse, Laser Pointers, USB mug Warmers, and USB's. We have very competitive prices and offer a branding option.
  • Business Card Holders

    Various Business Card Holders made of Metal, Aluminium, and leather.Can be printed or laser engraved.
  • Clocks and Watches

    Corporate Clocks and watches - from wall clocks , desk clocks, digital clocks, analogue clocks, wooden desk clock, Clock with weather forecaster, color changing dek clock, designer kinetic wrist watch, travel alarm clock, digital watch with heartrate monitor, sporty wrist watch and digital stop watch. Various branding options available.
  • Calculator

    Various Calcalutors - 8 and 12 digit options available with sufficient branding space.
  • Picnic Bags

    we have a variety of Picnic bags available, picnic blankets, picnic coolerbags, picnic baskets, picnic braai & coolerbag. Ideal as a corporate gift.
  • Shoe Polish kit

    We have a complete shoe polish kit, a deluxe shoe polish kit and a shoe shine kit. Various branding options available.
  • Beach Products

    Enjoy the summer with our range of Beach Products. We have beach mats, Lilo's, beach balls, beach umbrellas, and foldable beach chairs. These products are ideal for brand awareness, lots of branding space.
  • Umbrellas

    Be prepared with our range of Umbrellas- Golf Umbrellas, Rain umbrellas, UV resistant umbrellas, Beach umbrellas. The Umbrellas can be screenprinted.
  • Golf Items

    We supply promotional golf items such as golf tools, office golf putting sets, golf umbrellas, Golf Shirts and caps and plenty more. Ideal for Corporate golf days.
  • Caps and hats

    We specialize in promotional caps. Any type of caps and hats. We also print and embroider.
  • Soccer Items

    Support the Soccer World Cup with our range of Corporate soccer shirts, t-shirts, soccer balls, soccer stress balls, vuvsela's, soccer pens, soccer keyrings, soccer caps and lots lots more!
  • Mugs & Flasks

    We have various promotional mugs available - thermal mugs, coffee mugs, and USB mugs. We have various stainless steel flasks. Laser engraving ideal for branding.
  • Water Bottles

    We supply all shapes, sizes and colours of water bottles. Metal and plastic bottles available.
  • Coolerbags

    Keep your drinks and food cold with our variety of coolerbags - 6 pack coolerbags, water bottle coolerbag, trendy sling coolerbag, Picnic coolerbag and Duffle shape coolerbag. Screenprinting is teh preferred branding option.
  • Lifestyle & Beauty

    Ideal gift for ladies. We have manicure sets, make up and nail sets, pocket mirrors, foldable hair brush, vanity cases, and toiletry bags.Various branding options available.
  • Bottle openers

    We have various bottle openers, ideal for restaurants or as promotional gifts. Metal openers, plastic openers, keyring openers, wine bottle openers and corkscrews available.
  • Lighters

    We have standard promotional lighters and braai lighters. Cost effect gift including branding.
  • Wine sets

    Surprize your clients or staff with our luxurious wine sets or gifts. We have wine boxes, wine openers, wine gift sets with wine stoppers, thermometers, drip stoppers, foil cutters and other accessories.Most products supplied in wooden gift box that can be laser engraved or printed.
  • Keyrings

    Promotional keyrings available. Metal and plastic keyrings, can be laser engraved or printed.
  • Tools and accessories

    We have a wide range of promotional tools. Compact tool sets, tape measures, multi-tools and screwdrivers.
  • Torches

    Promotional torches - mini torches, keyring torches, LED torches, Metal torches, plastic torches, aluminium torches, multi purpose torches and dynamo torches. Can be printed or laser engraved.
  • Clothing

    We specialise in promotional clothing for Corporates. We do t-shirts, golf shirts, soccer shirts, jerseys, shirts and blouses, tracksuits, pants, socks, tracksuit tops, fleece tops, jackets, workwear and aprons. We can either screenprint or embroider according to your specification.


JHL Creative (Pty) Ltd

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