DebtCare 911 in Observatory - Cape Town, WC

Do you have sleepless nights, headaches and relationship problems because of your debt?

Are your debt payment commitment more than your monthly income?

Does your bank threathen to auction your home or repossess your car?

              Call a Debt Counselling Specialist – Today

                                       DO NOT DELAY

We Provide Debt Counselling, Debt Restructuring and Dispute Mediation.

  • Will make an assessment of over indebtedness.
  • Register / Apply for Debt Review
  • Renegotiate your debt repayment term
  • Restructure your monthly budget so to give you control over your finances.
  • Debt Counsellor / Debt Counselling

    NCR(National Credit Regulator) and NDMA (National Debt Mediation Ass.) registered Debt Counsellor. Provide debt counselling ; Debt Restructuring Services & Dispute Mediation.
  • Dispute Mediation for SMME's

    Do you have difficulty to renegotiate agreements with your Creditors? Do you need a financial facilitator to bounce of a new idea or to find you a business couch? Call us today


DebtCare 911

debt counsellor / debt counselling dispute mediation for smme's