Transformation Halfway House in Nigel

A Halfway House dedicated to the relapse prevention and accountability for those in recovery. A secondary care facility.

  • Drug addiction rehabilitation

    Transformation Halfway Houses are dedicated to providing safe secure protected enviroments for people who are in the recovery process of addiction. We have realised through many years experience that responsibility, accountability and structure are vital to anyone in the recovery process. Our aim is to assist people with various life skills, coping mechanisms and reintograte them back into society. There is most certainly a need for primary care treatment but more importantly there must be a phase of transition from rehab to complete independance. We are perfectly suited to individuals who are now working but still need to be managed and have healthy boundaries in place.

    Our first house was opened in Nigel and has been a huge success. Since then we have been in the process of establishing other houses and setting up a network of people dedicated to the prevention and solution of addiction in South Africa.


Transformation Halfway House
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