Powerpro Technologies and Trainig Facility in Nigel

Powerpro Technologies and Training Facility was primarily formed to provide a training and consultancy service within the Transmission Line and related environment. However, as the scope of the Transmission Line Training environment is relatively untapped, Powerpro Technologies and Training Facility made a formal decision to have operations in all areas (outsourcing where necessary) associated with Transmission Lines. Many of the training packages that are currently presented by the company are not linked to unit standards training and many of the associated training falls under the authority of the ESETA and other Seta’s. The services delivered will cover the presentation of learning programmes and consultancy within the Transmission Line environment with specific attention to the following areas: •Certificate in the construction of high voltage overhead transmission power lines •Vehicle training (specialised training on related vehicles) •Training and development •Assessments This curriculum is a result of the current need to develop PDI employees in amongst the Transmission Line industry in skills within this unique working environment. The skills, knowledge, attitudes and values required by personnel will be captured in this training. To fulfil this need, the programme will ultimately consists of 5 training programmes each programme includes unit standard and non unit standard based modules, as well as additional information is integrated for the compilation and delivery of a variety of different customized learning interventions. It provides the learner with the necessary competencies to be employed in various roles in the Transmission Line industry. It will also enable the learner to pursue different career opportunities, as many of its competencies are generic enough to be applicable to other career paths and job roles. The programmnes are broken down into the construction of foundations, tower assembly, tower erection, stringing and regulation.

  • Power-Line Training

    Training in the construction of High Voltage powerline both locally in South Africa and abroad. Training includes the construction of foundations, Tower Assembly, Tower Erection, Stringing and regulation


Powerpro Technologies and Trainig Facility

power-line training