Industrial Mesh Supplies in Nigel

We specialize in all sorts of mesh from woven to welded mesh with holes ranging from 0.025mm to 100mm. We also manufacture to your requirements, and we manufacture a wide range of filters and rimmed screen packs.

We are a medium sized company founded in April 1997 based in Gauteng, South Africa. We are renowned for our willingness to help and friendly service.

Tubular Filters

Tube filters with various sizes, can be manufactured from woven wire mesh.

Welded Mesh

Welded mesh is manufactured from various wire diameters and is electrically welded at intersections to create various apertures.

Tensioned Screens

During the re-meshing process, we ensure optimum mesh tension which leads to better screening efficiency and longer screen life.

Woven Wire Screens

This is a manual process of weaving to suit various applications, wire diameters range from a 0.9mm to a 20mm.


Industrial Mesh Supplies
woven wire mesh (ex-stock), tubular filters, rimmed screen packs, tensioned screens, woven wire screens, perforated plate, expanded metal, welded mesh