Labour Advice in Newcastle

Labour Advice & Dispute Resolution Centre ( LADRC) For the Employers: We are a facility provided by a team of consultants and experts in their field. It has been recognized that employersthroughout South Africa do not have the necessary expertise to guide them through the maze that it is our Legislation governing Labour Relations, nor do they have the time. The services provided byLADRC has been structured to provide an easy to use, effective guide for employers in ensuring that all aspects of our Labour Law are complied with. From Contracts of Employment, Conditions ofService and Organizational procedures, through to Retrenchments, Employment Equity and Strike Management, LADRC provide the following services amongst others. • Private Arbitrations, Mediations &Facilitations. • Disciplinary Hearings • Preparation of customized Policies & Procedures • Union Negotiations • Advice on Skills Development, Employment Equity & OHS Acts • Preparation ofService contracts/Letters of appointment • CCMA preparation. • CCMA representation for members of Guardian Employers Organisation (GEO). Training courses are done through B&A eg. *Complainant'sRole in a Disciplinary Inquiry *Discipline & Dismissals Under the LRA of 1995 *Chairperson's Role in a Disciplinary Inquiry *And many more! For the Employees - Are your workplace rights beinginfringed? *Assistance with enforcing of workplace rights *Assistance with CCMA matters *Unlawful Retrenchments *Unfair Labour Practices *Unlawful Dismissals


Labour Advice
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