Food Trailer Builders in Newcastle

FTBuilders have researched Food/Vending Trailers extensively and were not entirely satisfied with what was on offer out there... so, we decided to design our own trailer and had it built accordingly. FTBuilders has also designed its own layout inside and did all the fittings ourselves. Finding so much joy out of the shop fitting of the trailer - FTBuilders decided to offer our services to other keen lovers of Food Trailers.For R60 000 you can choose 1 of 2 designs of the actual trailer and choose from a few colour schemes within the trailer. FTBuilders will then kit your food trailer with all the items you need in order to start your food business on wheels. All you would need to do - is to buy food and to sell ... If this sounds good to you then contact FTBuilders now. Trust us when we say - there is a lot more to it; than just buying a trailer and starting straight away to make money - there is always 'little things that you have not thought of’ and don't have the time for or didn't budget accurately for. FTBuilders have the time and have been through the exercise ourself and know exactly what you will need to start making money immediately!


Food Trailer Builders