Brainy Acts in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

BrainyActs, a Nelspruit based company is managed by owner, Manus du Toit and his wife, Heila. Manus, a brain-based learning and development practitioner specializes in assisting learners aged 10 – adult learners, adults individuals, corporates, managers, leaders and corporate groups to reach their full potential. Heila specializes in school readiness assessment and feedback by analyzing emotional readiness aspects such as personal independence, social interaction and emotional management. Manus and Heila are both committed to guide all people, the most valuable commodity in the universe, to be and become what they are meant to be.Adult Individuals and Corporate GroupsNew Leaf Inspirations in conjunction with BrainyActs also offers a valuable tool for adult individuals, managers, leaders and groups for team development. The advanced assessment tool is a practical instrument to discover how uniquely people process information. Included is nine brain profiles and eleven intelligence types, and it delves into to what extend stress and diet may limit a person’s mental performance.Benefits•Improved team cohesion•Improved performance•Better understanding of each other’s behaviour•Respect for the team members’ unique strengths•Effective stress management as a lifestyle•Respect for own unique strengths and those of others•Improved confidence•Clarity on areas for further development•Tools for further development


Brainy Acts