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Educational bath products for children. Baby range. Adult pamper bath range. Hair care. Disney room wraps. Skin care & nutrition for kids. Nutrition for adults. Household cleaning detergent. Aromatherapy candles.
  • Residual Income

    Earn residual / passive income from home.
  • Kids Bath Products

    Educationl bath products for children. Turn bath-time into a fun, educational, extravaganza of colour.
  • Baby Range

    Baby body products. Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, Liquid Silk Powder, Barrier Cream, Nappy Rash Cream, Massage oils
  • Disney Wall Wraps

    Transform any room into an Acorn Disney Wonderland. Give your children memories to last a lifetime. A room feauturing your favourite characters - what could be better?
  • Pamper Products for Bath time

    The Acorn Africa range is designed to give you a luxurious, relaxing, rejuvenating and healthy time-out from the stresses of the world. The anti-oxidants and natural oils will counteract the stresses of your hectic life.
  • Ziza Hair Products

    Ziza is a professional range of hair care products designed for people like you who care about how you look, who are prepared to take the journey to a more beautiful you. Ziza is made from the very best ingredients using world class processes & formulations.
  • Skin Care for Kids

    It is never too soon to begin! A daily skincare routine should be as non-negotiable as brushing your children's teeth. Most parents diligently care for their baby's skin with baby lotions but once the toddler is out of nappies, this care ceases. This is often reintroduced during the teenage years when skin problems are at their peak. The Acorn skincare range is designed to bridge this gap. It is a gentle and natural and can be used on children from 2 - 13.
  • ACEP household detergent

    The new Acorn ACEP all purpose cleaning detergent is set to revolutionise your kitchen. These are some of the benefits. 1.99.8% biodegraded within 7 days 2.Totally Non-Toxic 3.Replaces all your cleaning chemicals
  • MyoTech Muscle Building Meal Replacement

    The new Acorn MyoTech Myo-Gain Mass is the world's most powerful muscle building meal replacement. Its potent formula is scientifically engineered by the Acorn research team to turn your body into the perfect muscle building machine! This highly anabolic meal replacement contains 45 grams of quality protein as well as essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and a unique blend of complex carbohydrates, making it the most complete anabolic meal replacement on the market. Myo-Gain Mass will supercharge your gains and allow you to reach your muscle building potential!
  • Peptopro

    PeptoPro is the first debitterized, hydrolyzed (pre-digested) protein powder made of mostly all di and tri peptides under 300 daltons. In addition, it is the best mixing protein powder in existence. PeptoPro is a casein hydrolysate produced from milk protein. Casein is enzymatically hydrolyzed peptides using a new and patented debitterizing process. This makes it the first hydrolyzed protein that can easily be used with the Myo-Gain Dynamic Shake. PeptoPro is unique because it contains over 80% peptides that are under 300 daltons. Normal food protein, like whey concentrate or whey isolate, is a polypeptide made up of thousands of units of amino acids. PeptoPro contains only short chain peptides (average length is less than 4 amino acids) which are water soluble. By being water soluble it not only makes the protein more digestible, but most importantly, makes it very user friendly. The small peptides from PeptoPro are directly and quickly taken up by the gut and released into the blood without digestion. PeptoPro, as a casein hydrolysate, is a highly nutritious protein containing all essential amino acids in the correct ration for human health. PeptoPro is an easily absorbed protein hydrolysate, which has been treated with proprietary enzymes to cut the protein into di-peptides and tri-peptides, while the well balanced amino acid profile of casein is left intact. PeptoPro eliminates many of the technical problems and physiological side effects held by proteins, protein hydrolysates, and amino acids, while providing all of the advantages provided by these products.


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