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U-Care started because the founder realised that there are two reasons why people do not contribute towards charity:1.They do not know where the money is going to and2.There is nothing in it for themBe honest, when you stand in the line to buy your lotto ticket, do you think about all the poor hungry people you are going to help with your lotto money? Or are you thinking of the BIG ONE you are going to win this time?For the first time you can donate towards your favourite charity each month AND you can earn an incredible income from this business. With U-Care everybody benefits. Why I like this business is because the commissions are so high that you do not need hundreds of people in your business to earn an income. With only 8 people in your business you already cover your monthly cost and with 78 people in your business you can be earning R7000,00 per month. Will an extra R7000,00 per month make a difference in your life? If it will please contact us.
  • Charity

    We generate funds for charity while, at the same time, providing an income opportunity for our members